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RUPERT HOLMS & Co is a London based international consultancy, providing scientific and business services.

Science and Business:

Dr Rupert Holms is now CEO of NewalR&D Ltd, a London-based company that is developing its RepG3 peptide treatment for Long-COVID. Dr Holms was co-founder and former Executive Chairman of Nearmedic Group, a pharmaceutical business based in Moscow. 

Ezrin Peptide Pharmaceuticals:

Dr Rupert Holms is the inventor of Ezrin Peptide Pharmaceuticals.

Ezrin Peptides amplify antiviral immunity, reduce inflammation and stimulate tissue repair. Ezrin Peptides are safe and no adverse reactions are known.

Human Ezrin Peptide One (Gepon) was launched on the Russian market in 2001. Ezrin Peptides can effectively treat a wide range of acute and chronic infections caused by viruses, fungi and bacteria. They have been effective in the treatment of viral infections such as HCV, HPV, Herpes, and a wide range of respiratory viruses. Ezrin peptides can also effectively treat ulcers of the gut, including Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), due to their anti-inflammatory and tissue repair activities. 

RepG3, an ezrin peptide derivative protected by granted patents world-wide, has been found to be an effective treatment for mild-to-moderate COVID in human volunteers in Russia and Germany. RepG3 inhibits the pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-1b, IL-6, IL-8 and TNFa while enhancing B-cell and T-cell immunity. NewalR&D is currently investigating treatment of Long-COVID, a chronic pro-inflammatory syndrome, and already has some promising anecdotal  reports from Long-COVID patients of symptom improvement with experimental RepG3 spray-inhalation therapy.


Newal R&D Ltd

Dr Rupert Holms launched NewalR&D as a development company for ezrin peptide RepG3 therapies and is seeking investors & development partners. The business plan is to finance formal pre-clinical and clinical trials of RepG3 spray inhalation therapy for the  treatment of mild-to-moderate COVID and Long-COVID, then license out the rights to a corporate partner for world wide commercial development. The main aim of the clinical trial plan is to establish the safety and efficacy of RepG3 in Long-COVID treatment.



Dr Holms is the author of two books that describe a grand cycle of natural cataclysms and renewals on our planet. The cycle is caused by a cold dark star-core named Star Core Zeus,  the remains of the former partner-star of our Sun that blew up 4.6 billion years ago. Star Core Zeus orbits the barycentre of our Solar System with the Sun every four thousand years and will fly through the inner solar system again in AD 2372.


The Star Core Zeus project covers a wide range of fascinating subjects: 


    • The origin of the Solar System as a binary star system,

    • The origin of life as an astro-physical and astro-chemical process,  

    • The simultaneous origin of the Moon, the continents and ocean basins during the Permian Mass Extinction 250 million years ago, 

    • Star Core Zeus causes the Kuiper Belt anomalies and has been observed,

    • Read the books, and watch the videos on the STAR CORE ZEUS YouTube Channel.


Pfizer UK

Gap-year Pharma research


University of York 

BSc Hons. Biochemistry


University of Edinburgh


Ph.D. Molecular Biology

University College London 

Astrophysics (part-time)



Lombard Odier London.

Biotech Investments



hVIVO plc

Co-Founder and CEO



Nearmedic Ltd

Co-Founder and Chairman



NewalR&D Ltd

Founder & CEO


Long-COVID therapy



Patents by Rupert Holms

AIDS Prophylactics 


Regulatory Peptides of Ezrin


HCV combination therapy


Use of Ezrin Peptides in Anti- Ulcer Therapy


Ezrin-Derived Peptides and Pharmaceuticals


Ezrin-Derived Peptides and Uses Thereof [COVID treatment]


Secret know-how 

on generation-4 

ezrin peptides


Cataclysms & Renewals

Rupert D Holms

Star Core Zeus

Rupert D Holms


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